From the Beginning

Mehul Jitendrakumar Panchal, the face and driving force behind Filter Concept Private Limited, was born on 2nd, October at Visnagar, Gujarat An entrepreneur in the true sense of the term, he started his business with a miniscule investment of Rs. 10,000/- from his mother’s savings and with the assistance of his near and dear ones. Back then, his only intention of entering the unchartered arena of trading in filter-cartridges was to support his family. Grounded to his roots with this core intention, Mehul had his eyes simultaneously set on making an industry giant to cater to the ever increasing global hunger for filtration solutions.

With the support of his mother, father, wife and his two sisters, Mehul toiled to convert his dream into reality and is today, the driving force behind India’s premier filtration solutions provider –

Filter Concept Private Limited

. Never satisfied with anything but ultimate perfection, he made his name in the provision of all-round filtration solutions and, thereafter, diversified his business into various other affiliated aspects of filtration technology to provide an overall boost, not only to his vast array of demanding customers, but also to the filtration industry as a whole.

By qualification, Mehul Panchal is a graduate in engineering and a Master of Business Administration. He confesses, however, that his greatest qualification is his years of first-hand experience in the global filtration industry. Mehul founded Filter Concept Private Limited in 2002 with a vision of changing the manner in which the industry was functioning. He heavily invested in research and development and integrated various technical aspects of the filtration industry to homogenize the end product and create an overall increase in customer satisfaction. With his years of technical experience and insight, Panchal developed new systems to ensure that customized products could be provided to his customers with the same assurance of quality that standard products had been offering.

This earned him respect, not only from within the filtration industry but also other varied industries that were directly or indirectly affected by the filtration industry. On account of Panchal’s expertise, today, Filter Concept Private Limited is the one stop shop chose by large multinationals for all their filtration needs.

Mehul believes that success is possible only by the cooperation and dedication of his entire team and, therefore, team-work and synergy and the driving forces of his mantra. He is also of the opinion that constant innovation is the only way to survive in the global village, where technological advancement is a daily occurrence. Mehul’s vision, that is today’s Filter Concept, started in his backyard with home-sourced funding with the intention of survival. But Darwin’s rule was once again put to test – and Mehul, the fittest, survived and emerged as one of the industry’s giants. When the enterprise originally started, Mehul was neither the seasoned businessman that he is today nor did he have the industry’ support that he does today. However, he accepted the challenges that the world threw in his path and developed his brand as it glitters today.

From a small backyard enterprise to the multi-million dollar industry that Filter Concept is today, its core ethics and values have never changed. Mehul strongly believes in giving back, developing home-grown talent, and investing heavily in corporate social responsibility. He has used his company’s success to organize various events for the underprivileged masses of his village and has, through his beloved mother’s hands, given back to the society that made him what he is today. Filter Concept Private Limited, therefore, runs one of the most robust Corporate Social Responsibility programmes in the industry.

Mehul is also a staunch advocate of sustainability and environmental consciousness. He has ensured, at the cost of reduced losses, that his products have a negligible carbon footprint. He has invested heavily in making Filter Concept’s new manufacturing premises into an environmentally sustainable unit.

In true utopian fashion, therefore, Mehul has been fighting to create a balanced success story where his employees and his industry have grown along with him.