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Care for Customers with your Customer Care Service

Care for Customers with your Customer Care Service

We have often come across the word-“Customer Care Service”. Since the inception of trade and commerce, there was a concern about the customers’ part as well. The businessmen had to think of how to develop this aspect as it is directly proportional to sales and hence profit, which is crucial for every business.

1980s witnessed the mark of call centres, advent of customer care representatives and development of some software related to it. In mid-1990s the Customer Relationship Management took a new turn with a software company called Gartner, which started providing gifts to customers for their loyalty towards the company. Presently, the subject has turned into a significant department of any company where people are trained to deliver appositely when it comes to their customers.

This brief history and the present scenario took me to throw light on some important aspects of customer relations highlighting the issues like- what exactly does customer care mean, its importance and how it should be done. Read on to explore…

What do we mean by customer care service?

Customer care service means the service which is provided to the customers before, during and after a purchase is made. It ensures that the customer gets the best product he or she is looking for in the said budget, can experience a hassle free purchase and gets a proper after sales service. With so many options in the platter, a customer while buying a product has much concern and queries in mind to ensure that he is picking up the best product and also getting his money’s worth. Also throughout the process he might get perplexed at any point. Even after the purchase is done it is important to make sure that he is getting the maximum out of it. To make this troublesome journey smooth and a comfortable one, all these interactions with the customers are done by the representatives who assist and care for the customers at every point. Hence, this is termed as customer care service.

Why is it important?

In today’s world, customer relation is hugely intermingled with the product or services offered. A customer likes to be treated courteously and that really counts. A person who is cared for through and through while buying a product or hiring some services, is sure to remember the good behaviour and come back to you for availing further needs in future.

The whole idea is to retain the valuable customer in this highly competitive market. Selling a product or service is only a nominal step for a business today. What remains etched in the mind is the conduct and actions of the representative on the other side of the counter. It is no more sell, buy and end of the chapter. The relationship of the company with the customer is now considered a treasured one.

Customer service can make or break your image in the market, where other competitors are waiting to replace you and lure your customers away. Even if you sell a nominal product, it doesn’t matter as far as you offer a great customer care service. This may hugely impact your sales figure. You should remember that there are alternatives in the market for your products and services and it can be a fact that some of them might be better than your offerings. However, the point where you can differ from your competitors is ‘providing a great customer care service’. Even if they have to pay a little more, the customers won’t mind as far as they get a better experience.

How will you provide a great customer care service?

1. Create an ambience– Be specific and chalk a plan out as to how would you like to treat your customers. Spread this thought within your organization as well. From top to bottom in the hierarchy, there should be a minimum equality in the behaviour of the staffs towards the customers.

2. Customer Care Representatives– Be it your call centre, helpline or face-to-face interaction, hire representatives who will quickly learn about company policies and should possess some fundamental traits of dealing with customers, like- good listening skills, strong speaking skills, should be courteous, empathetic, polite and professional.

3. Availability– Making yourself available or accessible to the customers at any stage they need your help is crucial for your business. Have a call centre or a helpline number, so that they can contact you when stuck with a problem or have a query.

4. Swift Response– Promptness by responding through e-mails, attending phone calls or through automated customer care service without delay makes a difference. Smoothness in functioning helps to strengthen the relationship.

5. Resolution– Following up the matter till the issue is completely resolved is a genteel gesture. Enquiring that the customer is happy with the solution of a problem shows that you care for the person.

A touch of personalization and making the process of purchase a comfortable journey can be a real memorable experience for your customers and a sure shot way for you to retain customer loyalty.

Be it any organization, customer relations department is a significant part of it. Hence, you cannot afford to neglect this section. Instead ensure that customers can be served well through the unit so that you can care for your valuable customers with your great customer care service.

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