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Change Your Mind-Set to Fight Your Biggest Hurdles as an Entrepreneur

Change Your Mind-Set to Fight Your Biggest Hurdles as an Entrepreneur

It’s all in the mind!

Yes, be it anything, our biggest limitations and obstacles all lay in our mind.

As a human being, all of us need to evolve and grow into finer beings. We need to be more refined than what we are today. The same goes true for any profession or any work we do. Until and unless we set our aims high or not show any progress in the work we do, we tend to lose the zeal for life. Our superiors ridicule us and colleagues avoid us. We feel like a loser! Depression creeps in and we are surrounded by negativity.

Swami Vivekananda had said, “Strength is life, weakness is death”. This ideal can be considered equivalent to- progress is life, stagnancy is death. We can do great things just by changing our mindset. So it’s very important to evolve and grow in person as well as in our profession. This is also one of the challenges encountered by the entrepreneurs.  To overcome one of the biggest barriers to entrepreneurship is to change the thought process.

Just imagine that how as an entrepreneur you had started off with some great strategies, tactics and had a goal at that point of time. And that has worked well too! You have also done some additions and deductions to determine the growth of your company. But today due to the advancement of the society in many ways, the strategies and tactics you had once instigated may not work anymore. So it’s better to accept the fact that the same policies are not going to work and that you need to adapt to implement new concepts and beliefs to make the thing work fruitfully in your favour.

Your mindset can often pose a problem to entrepreneurship. So, the next question that comes to your mind is how are you supposed to do overcome this?

According to me, you can follow some of these simple steps down below to change your mindset from today itself and fight your biggest hurdles as an entrepreneur:

  • Accept and abandon: Accept the fact that what has got you till here will not work any further. You need to let go of the things you have held on to and try out something new to make things work again. Acceptance of the situation that which is not working out is an important thing to do and serves as the stepping stone of setting up new goals and strategies.
  • Be aware of the situation: Question yourself what you know and what you believe in. Keep your senses open to these and analyse your thought process. Push yourself hard and get out of that comfort zone. Be aware of both the situations inside and outside. If you find anything that doesn’t work anymore then be sporting enough to change it.
  • Implement new ideas: While you now know what doesn’t work, ditch them and implement new ideas and strategies to get going. Replace the old with the new ones. Show your entrepreneurial skills and implement the schemes and approaches that you think would work the best for the company. Recall the zeal with which you had once started off and brought it again to work in your favour.
  • Bring in positive influences: Change your environment by bringing in some positive influences in the form of new ideas, new people and new situations. Staying in a positive environment will help bring out new beliefs, concepts and ideas. Surround yourself with ample optimism that would give you a different level of confidence and that will assure others of your conviction.

Bust your identity and evolve into something bigger and better because as we know, “change is the only constant thing in this world”. We are not the same physically or mentally the way we were five years back. Hence, progress, evolve and innovate.

No goals, no strategy and no tactics would work if you don’t have the right mindset. What you believed in or what had worked in the past is quite very significant and their contribution cannot be negated. But you cannot remain glued to it for a lifetime because that would be stupidity. Moving on will show you the right path to success.

Therefore, to have the right mindset is crucial. As the great spiritual master, Sri Ramakrishna had said- “Bondage is of the mind, freedom too is of the mind” holds the greatest truth of our lives. We are truly independent if we think to be or are in chains everywhere! Our mind is the only place to give us the true freedom and that very mind also serves as our biggest obstacle.

Acceptance and adaptation all start with you and your mindset.

So, reinvent yourself and overcome the limitations of the mind!

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